The Extras Can Set Your Property Apart

The Extras Can Set Your Property Apart

Smoothing out the bumps for a better lawn

When winter frost expands your lawn, it can leave unsightly spots that need to be smoothed out. Elegant Lawn & Garden has rollers in two sizes to offer lawn rolling on properties of all sizes, whether you have a quarter-acre or a large pasture. Sometimes the harsh New York winters can take their toll, and a roller is your best option to get your yard back in shape. If you’re needing the work of a heavy-duty cutter, our brush hog can be used for heavy, high fields. Contact us to discuss different ways we can get your lawn back under control.

Delivery available for your landscaping needs

If you already have a plan in place for a bed or landscaping project but are in need of the materials to get it done, Elegant Lawn & Garden is available for delivery of:

  • Top soil
  • Stone
  • Mulch

Call us at (716) 807-7384 to place an order today.

Need us to brush hog your land or roto till your large gardens?

No problem , give us a call today!

We also offer other services for your large land or large gardens. At Elegant Lawn and gardens we can Brush Hog your land and cut it to perfection. if you also have large gardens not to worry, we can roto till them to get ready fro a new planting season!